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Santorini is a "once in a lifetime experience” whether it is a 3 or a 20 day vacation.

Santorini island is known throughout the world for its unique aura and enchanting beauty, making it one of the world's prime vacation destinations. The island is a major attraction for those who want to spend their holidays swimming on amazing beaches, touring impressive historical sites and gazing at the spellbinding sunset glimmering on the Aegean Sea and the wild beauty of the island.

* Santorini Sightseeing

If you are vacationing in Santorini, you will have the opportunity to visit some of the finest historical monuments in Greece and to roam through utterly charming villages. Oia is a very picturesque settlement on the northern tip of Santorini, overlooking the sea and the Caldera. For some, Oia is one of the most beautiful villages in the Cyclades.

In Oia, you can visit the Maritime Museum, which contains a wide array of nautical instruments, maps, models, etc. In Fira, it is worth visiting the Archaeological, Folklore and Prehistoric Museums. Akrotiri, on the southern side of the island, is the location of the Akrotiri Archaeological Site, an ancient village that has been preserved through the ages. Close to Kamari and Perissa is the archaeological site of Thira, a Minoan City with the remains of various buildings.

* Oia, Santorini Beaches, Greece

While on Santorini Island, you will definitely spend your days at the beaches. Some of the Santorini beaches are famous for their colourful sand, including Black Beach in Kamari, Monolithos and Perissa, and the Red and White Beaches near Akrotiri.

You can reach Red beach two different ways:

  • Via a steep & narrow path, but it is worth every minute of it!
  • You may also hire a water taxi from Kamari or Perissa, which is the easiest way.

Apart from these beaches, visitors are offered clean waters at the beautiful Santorini beaches of Amoudi, Armeni, Vlychada, Vourvoulou, and Baxades.

Useful tips from the team of Delfini Villas:

Wear a comfortable pair of walking shoes and airy, light clothing in order to experience and enjoy a nice stroll on Santorini’s narrow cobblestone and picturesque streets.

The island is full of colors, authenticity, breathtaking landscapes, overwhelming and wild beauty, so don’t forget to bring along your camera to capture the great moments!

Ask our receptionist to arrange a daily sailing excursion at various places in the caldera. The vessel visits the volcano and sails to a special place of hot springs where you can swim in tepid waters.

Oia is a remarkable and traditional village best known for its exquisite sunsets. You may gaze at the spectacular sunset by Delfini’s pool or your private veranda of our hotel

During your gastronomic outings, try the outstanding fava appetizer, the incredible vegetarian tomato ‘meatballs’ and an assortment of tempting seafood dishes.

For the wine lover in you, don’t forget to accompany all your meals with our recognized Santorini wines, for an extraordinary experience.

As a delicious and refreshing summer fruit you can try our locally produced sweet melons with their unforgettable flavor and aroma.

If you’re looking for a tasty Greek fast food specialty, try the splendid Greek souvlaki or gyro with pita bread.